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What we do is to engage with each client to see what they want to promote and what information or marketing material (Ads, website, FB page etc) they have as well as what is the quality thereof and based on that we then create landing pages, banner ads, facebook posts, promotional articles etc what we can use for such campaign.

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Developed over years to make things much easier.


Arsenal of resources and tools to drive more traffic.


This is your responsibility but we will help you.

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Money back guaranteed if you find anybody that offer more for the same price or less and compare apples with apples.

Results Driven

Everything was build for and in daily use at SA Internet News Group cc with constant tweaking to improve results.

Own Marketing Group

The marketing group and different systems and features that we use was developed and tested over more than a decade.


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Real Marketing Is a Process.

We Help but YOU hold the key

People often have a misunderstanding that marketing is to reach as much people as possible but that is wrong and can actually be counter-productive and profitable because too much time and money are spend on that instead than on marketing as a process with the sole purpose to gain paying clients and not mere visitors.

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    Web Hosting Information

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