We are actually an internet marketing company but providing high quality web hosting now for more than a decade.

Our web hosting division was formed with the primary aim to provide web hosting with brilliant features and value added services at a very affordable price.

Our aim is simply to help you as much as possible while saving you hundreds and even thousands of rands.

We are not a hosting company in the full sense of the word and that is why we can serve you better.

As internet marketing group we use world-class servers and software for our OWN websites and offer the very same servers for our clients.

Due to this you can be assured that we are not merely in the hosting business to make money but are serious about hosting because we relay on the very same service as that we offer to our clients.

Hosting is a by-product

From our point of view web hosting is a by-product, a value added service where the primary objective is to build an online presense to promote your business online.

It is like petrol that fuels your car and the brand is by far not so important than the car itself. What however matters is that the petrol must have the ability to not only get your car going, but also be able to provide additional value and benefits for your car.

That is precise what our web hosting service does because we added anything that our own websites, as well as yours, need without any cost to you as our customer.

Now you know what to expect

Peace of mind and consistent support, well knowing that we will take care of our servers and keep it in peak condition with anything you'll ever need for your website and online presense.

Not because of marketing "smart-talk" but because we rely 100% on the very same servers and services that we offer to our clients.


Why Choose Us?

Very Different Approach

  • SA Internet News Group cc is not money but client oriented with a community focus
  • We want to help you to succeed online with web hosting as a means towards a goal
  • We ourself have MANY websites and therefore understand your needs much better

Many Free "Goodies"

  • If we need something we just install it and our clients can then also use it for free
  • We custom developed several things to make it easier for ourself and clients
  • While anybody else offer web hositng, we offer MUCH MORE than just hosting

Top Class Quality

  • We use the very same servers and services as our clients so it MUST be top class
  • We are our own biggest and also worst client and fix rare problems immediately
  • We are goal, not cost-saving oriented and make sure we have everything we need.